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What is GymTrak?

GymTrak is an electronic data
management system for specifying,
recording, tracking and monitoring
elite athlete training routines.
The system is intended to be used by
teams and organisations with the
need for prescribed systematic
training routines and injury
rehabilitation programmes for
their athletes.


GymTrak Coach enables Coaches
and Rehabilitation Professionals to
remotely create, maintain and
allocate training sessions to specific
Athletes in their squads.
These sessions can be personalised
for each individual Athlete to
tailored development programmes,
aid in injury rehabilitation and
create an audit trace of an Athletes
training programme.

Wellbeing questionnaires such
as Muscle Soreness and Stretch Test
Results can be added to training
routines. The Athlete information,
training session and associated
data are then sent to the GymTrak
Service Hub for processing,
maintenance and storage.

GymTrak Benefits

  • The client guides the Athletes through each of the training sessions allowing the content and timing of individual exercises to be captured in real time

  • Session specific information is captured such as Muscle Soreness and Stretch Test Results along with the actual time taken and the rest periods for each Exercise

  • Results are sent back live to the GymTrak Service Hub for further processing or integration into exististing systems

  • Progress of a Session can be followed for multiple Athletes with key parameters, such as failed stretch tests

  • All previously recorded data is available to the Coaches allowing further analysis of an Athletes training history

  • Team Coaches, Medical Staff, Nutritionists and other interested individuals can all monitor and review the data simultaneously