Alternative Logic

What is OfficeLogic?

OfficeLogic can track the
serial numbers of your stock,
keep customer comments,
questionnaires and any other
data required. In fact, everything
you need is provided by one
easy–to–use system, which can
help increase productivity and
efficiency and simply make your
life and your job easier.

OfficeLogic allows you to
create and schedule jobs most
efficiently, routing them to the
most appropriate person, and
you can keep track of when
each job is completed, capturing
signatures and any other
information you need.

Stock is scanned out using
barcode technology and recorded
so you have a full history of
where every item has been
and where it goes.

We can create a full suite of
reports which can be exported in
to your data analysis so you can
identify issues for improvement
and find ways of increasing
efficiencies. We can also create
invoices or wages files which
can be imported into your
accounts package.

OfficeLogic Benefits

  • Full back office suite that provides a secure customer
    information database.

  • Supports both TrackLogic and FieldLogic software platforms.

  • Helps manage your workforce, job scheduling and stock control.

  • Integrated with your established IT system.

  • Reporting available to help analyse work processes,
    efficiencies and areas for improvement.

  • Invoices or wages files can be imported into your accounts package.