Alternative Logic

What is StockLogic?

For a comprehensive and efficient
inventory management system,
we combine OfficeLogic with
FieldLogic. OfficeLogic includes
a centralised system that uses
barcode tracking so that you
can scan stock in and out,
tracking their movements and
monitoring quantities. As well as
automatically re–ordering stock,
this inventory system provides
a full history of every item.

Once anything leaves the
warehouse, FieldLogic takes
over and gives you the same level
of control on the road. Mobile
devices for field workers are
available with barcode scanners
so they can scan each item they
are using or delivering and log it
against a job and a customer.

The system wirelessly sends this
information back to the stock
management system so it’s always
kept up–to–date and you know
exactly where everything is.

StockLogic Benefits

  • Comprehensive inventory management system.

  • Combines FieldLogic software platform and OfficeLogic back office
    system to track each item from the warehouse to the customer.

  • Mobile devices can incorporate barcode scanners to monitor
    stock movement.

  • Automatic re-ordering when stock levels are low.