Alternative Logic

Our software applications allow
you, not only to manage everyone
and everything seamlessly, but
to reduce costs and improve
efficiency and productivity.

The systems operate via mobile
devices that can incorporate a
barcode scanner, providing you
with real time data capture. You
can log hours worked, pinpoint
vehicle locations and track stock
by the minute.

Your team’s productivity will
increase, with associated cost
savings. Inventory control will
improve, with an accurate and
up–to–date supply chain life–cycle
from warehouse to customer.

Communications between field
teams and head office will also
improve, and you’ll have clear audit
trails. The advantages keep on
coming; fewer paper transactions,
less time spent on site, less
potential for error or fraud, and
a clear return on investment.

What’s more, as you operate more
and more efficiently, your customers
get happier and happier.

We have two main software
products; FieldLogic, for managing
your remote workforce, and
TrackLogic, for keeping tabs on
your fleet of vehicles.

These integrate with and are
supported by our OfficeLogic back
office system, which creates a
customer information database,
and StockLogic, our stock control
system. What’s more, each software
product can be customised to suit
your business and integrate with
your IT and comms systems.

Whichever combination of products
you need, you’ll find Alternative
Logic gives you the logical