Alternative Logic

What is YourLogic?

We know you’ll already have
invested a lot of money and time
into developing and implementing
your IT systems, and may well
have things working exactly as
you want them.

We can integrate our systems
with yours seamlessly so you
can keep using the system you’re
used to (although if it does need
updating we can design a new
end–to–end system for you).

Each software platform can be
customised to your individual
business and set up.

FieldLogic can be based around
a set of questions specific to
your company; you won’t have
to make do with a generic
question set (This covers the
information you want field
workers to enter and which
details you want to capture.)

OfficeLogic can also be
customised so that the
information is displayed in
whatever configuration you’ll
find most useful and practical.
By the time we’ve finished,
you’ll feel the whole platform
has been designed just for you.

YourLogic Benefits

  • Our FieldLogic and OfficeLogic platforms
    can be customised for your business.

  • Each integrates seamlessly with your IT system.