Manage your field workforce efficiently through real time data capture. On a minute-by-minute basis, you need to know who's where, which jobs are scheduled, which have been completed, what your stock levels are and where your stock is. And you need to know that your customers are informed and satisfied.

It’s so easy to lose track through a lack of communication, resulting in wasted resources, poor stock control, excessive paperwork and unhappy customers.

FieldLogic is a software platform that manages your remote workforce and tracks everything they do. Each member of the team has a hand–held device which they use to log their hours, their location, their movements and the jobs completed. This innovative technology gives you up–to–the–minute reports on the progress and status of your daily job schedule.

You have detailed information about your business, accessed from any internet connection, anywhere, and your customer service team can accurately update customers and manage their expectations.

Your operations run more smoothly, more efficiently and more cost–effectively. The system is virtually paperless, saving admin costs and trees, and reducing the risk of error or fraud. What’s more, as the software is flexible and scalable, it can be customised for every size of business in every industry.


Real time data capture.

Off line working.

Up to date job progress.

Choice of mobile device and platform.

Logging start and finish times.

Paperless transactions.

keep track of your stock.

Improve customer service.