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Some Things You Should Know About Us

Alternative Logic delivers solutions to manage and track every aspect of your remote workforce. Providing data capture in real time, the flexible and scalable platforms effectively streamline your working processes, with considerable time and cost savings.

Established in 2002, with a mission to develop technology that enhances working practices and benefits, not just for our own customers, but for you customers too.

Our team of in–house software developers combine industry insights with alternative thinking and absolute logic to build innovative products that work effortlessly.

Our key product, FieldLogic is aimed at businesses who rely on field or remote workers and who can often lose track of where workers are, what stock they have and where it is, whether or not customers have been visited as promised and which jobs have been completed.

These issues can lead to countless inefficiencies, escalating costs, wasted resources and, worse still, dissatisfied customers. We’ve developed software platforms that manage every aspect of remote operations seamlessly, so you always know the exact status of every job within your business.

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General Data Protection Regulation


Alternative Logic Limited takes the privacy of its clients and employees very seriously and will be complying with the GDPR both in our capacity as a Processor. In order to be compliant with the upcoming General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) requirements we have set up a team which includes support from third party legal experts. This team is led by our Data Controller who oversees our GDPR Compliance Programme. To date we have prioritised a thorough review of our internal and external procedures and policies. For all enquiries please don't hesitate to contact our team on gdpr@altlogic.com or the data controller directly on data.controller@altlogic.com.

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