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Specimen Tracking Software


QE Facilities Ltd (QEF) provides a range of non-clinical estates services, primarily Pathology Transport Services on behalf of NHS Trusts across the UK. Based out of the Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Gateshead, QEF Transport Services has a workforce of nearly 150 drivers, with the wider company nearing 800 staff, comprising of engineers, builders, catering staff, domestics, electricians, porters and security officers.


QEF required a reliable and stable software suite to provide a simple proof of delivery and chain of custody solution. The nature of the pathology products which QEF transport, require time constraints and signatories to be closely monitored to ensure contract compliance.


QEF invited multiple companies to tender following basic trail periods found from internet searches. Multiple POD systems were available, but none boasted a schedule feature which QEF required to prevent routes from being altered by drivers. It was through Alternative Logic’s reseller partner, Dakota Software, which led to QEF’s introduction to our solution.


Alternative Logic was selected because the level of customisation available to the core software product meant that QEF’s unique needs could be met exactly, including:

  • Bespoke workflows to match QEF’s, and their clients’ exact processes.
  • An interactive dashboard showing all pathology routes in their scheduled arrival order.
  • A 4-hour global timer which allows close monitoring of all routes, identifies which are beginning to run low on time and makes an operational decision if intervention is required by the management team.
  • A customised easy search field which allows a quick search of consignment numbers without the need to spend time investigating reports.
  • A custom stock module which allows stock to be checked out of the storeroom and into a consignment note with a unique consignment number, creating an end-to-end audit trail.

QEF has a driver demographic on average aged between 50-62. This naturally comes with some challenges, for example the uptake and onboarding of drivers with new technology. This led to an ‘if it’s not required, remove it’ approach. The driver workflow was therefore simplified and after minimal training drivers picked up the functionality much quicker than anticipated.


The Alternative Logic solution provides QEF with a real-time overview of the service, including:

  • Live sample count
  • Reporting
  • Scheduled vs actual collection/delivery times
  • Easy access to signatories
  • Remote device access for supporting drivers experiencing technical difficulties

As a result, the data input by drivers across the service, QEF gains real-world data for contractual KPI’s, as well as the information needed to continuously review their service, and identify opportunities for continuous improvement.

“We have been most impressed with the support provided by the technical team when dealing with issues that may affect our ability to deliver service. All the data that QEF collate is used for KPI’s and without the ability to collate this data, monthly contractual reports may be compromised. When unexpected issues have arisen in the past, the team have immediately jumped on a solution and kept in constant contact to let us know an accurate ETA for resolution.”

Paul Bowmaker, Associate Director, QEF

reporting and analytics

analyse data via integrated reporting and utilise dashboards and wallboards for live performance status.

case management

record and track full customer journeys including complaints, issues and enquiries.