Our solutions are compatible with many different types of hardware and operating systems




Alternative Logic customers can purchase new hardware to support their business growth or continue using their existing devices.

While we support all major mobile hardware and operating systems, we can recommend specific devices we have validated with our solutions and advise customers to consider rugged hardware for their workforce.

Why Choose Rugged Hardware?

Rugged hardware is built to withstand harsh environments, and multiple drops and is designed to be more secure than consumer grade devices.

Not only does it offer significant durability against extreme temperatures, moisture, dust, vibration and shock, rugged hardware typically has a longer lifespan than their consumer grade counterparts.

Rugged hardware is built with ultimate reliability in mind and is crucial in environments where downtime can be costly or dangerous. It may also offer enhanced data security features to protect sensitive information from unauthorised access or tampering.

With versatile form factors and configurations to suit different applications and environments, there are a wealth of different rugged hardware options to suit a variety of industries. From handheld devices for field service, rugged laptops for outdoor work or specialised equipment, it’s crucial to explore the right options for your organisation.

Zebra Validated

We’re proud to say that Alternative Logic hold a Zebra Validation to certify that FieldLogic is successfully tested compatible with a range of mobile computers from Zebra Technologies. The following devices from Zebra Technologies have been validated with Fieldlogic and are recommended for excellent return on investment and total cost of ownership.

Zebra EC55
Zebra EC55
Android Smartphone
Android Smartphone

reporting and analytics

analyse data via integrated reporting and utilise dashboards and wallboards for live performance status.

case management

record and track full customer journeys including complaints, issues and enquiries.