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Celtic Vacuum Limited (Celvac) is an industrial cleaning company which specialises in confined space entry, including the provision of rescue teams, which operates primarily in the water industry.

Headquartered in Tenby, Celvac also has satellite offices in Port Talbot, Slough and Deeside and employs approximately 70 staff. With 35 specialist confined space operatives and 15 HGV drivers, Celvac also employs a number of planners, project managers, health and safety and other critical back office staff.


Due to the high number of staff who spend the majority of their time working remotely on client premises, job-related paperwork including completion evidence, photographs and forms were previously completed off-site and then returned to the office at the end of each week. They were then collated manually into client reports by the back office team before the work could be invoiced, creating an administrative backlog and delaying client payments.


Health and Safety Manager, Steve Van Rhyn, first came across Alternative Logic in an effort to digitalise the company’s paper-based tasks. Celvac’s initial search was for a phone-based system which could complete health and safety forms and reduce the volume of paper being used on-site. However upon further investigation it was clear that Alternative Logic could offer solutions to much more than Celvac’s initial list of requirements.


Alternative Logic has provided Celvac with a complete end-to-end workforce management solution which uses bespoke workflows to mirror their unique business processes and integrates with Trimble Maps for route planning.

Trimble Maps’ applications are flexible and scalable and their platform of SDKs and APIs can be used in web, mobile, or desktop applications.

The result is a solution which Celvac’s office-based team use to plan routes, assign job cards to remote staff and monitor job status through to completion. 

Remote staff receive job cards directly to their mobile phones and work through their daily tasks, marking them complete as they go and taking photographs for client reports as necessary. This new approach allows back-office staff to receive confirmation of a completed job in real-time and invoice the client immediately, with the option of attaching a completion report with the invoice.


The implementation of Alternative Logic has removed the need for 90% of paper-based reports and means remote workers no longer need to visit the office at the end of the week to download the site photos required to support invoicing.  

Coupled with instant reporting of job progress and the digitalisation of forms, the administrative burden on all staff has been significantly reduced, saving Celvac both time and money. Other benefits include:

  • Real-time overview of business performance
  • Simplified route planning
  • Instant photo uploads
  • Digitalisation of reports
  • Immediate invoicing

“There is no doubt that Celvac have benefited from using Alternative Logic. The newly adopted planning system has sped up the generation of work routes, job cards and assisted with the implementation of a new contract across the whole of Wales.”

“The planning functionality when demonstrated to one of our major contracts has enabled us to expand our service to them by 300%. The contract, with 500 sites has now expanded to 2000 sites as they are confident in our ability to manage and schedule regular visits to each location at the contracted frequency.”

Steve Van Rhyn, Health and Safety Manager, Celvac

reporting and analytics

analyse data via integrated reporting and utilise dashboards and wallboards for live performance status.

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record and track full customer journeys including complaints, issues and enquiries.