Reporting and Analytics

Reporting and Analytics

From dashboards, wallboards, and reports, Alternative Logic enables bespoke reports to be created quickly and easily using real-time data and has drill-down functionality so you can access detailed data with just a click.

Standard suite of reports and bespoke reports available

Dashboards provide interactive performance figures

Wallboards offer a snapshot of current performance on a large screen

Track and manage kpi’s and sla’s with ease

Configurable dashboards and user-based permissions

With Alternative Logic you can automate your reports to run at set times and have them emailed directly to a single user or a distribution group.

Each dashboard is configured differently to our customer’s specific needs and displays a real-time overview of progress and performance, allowing you to identify and remedy any potential problems.

Wallboards are configurable and can show your office-based team how the day’s tasks are progressing in real-time. If you are tracking assets the number of assets collected / delivered / undelivered (lost) or expired (if you have time-critical assets) can also be displayed.

reporting and analytics

analyse data via integrated reporting and utilise dashboards and wallboards for live performance status.

case management

record and track full customer journeys including complaints, issues and enquiries.