Industrial Laundry Software


Lindström is a global service company, providing customers with industrial wipers and workwear rental. With 5 industrial wiper depots across the UK, Lindström operate 2 industrial workwear laundries and 1 industrial wiper laundry with 3 administrative offices with around 150 staff in total.


Lindström utilised a paper-based system to administer the distribution of jobs to their drivers, providing each one with a printed list of customers and a route card for each customer visit. Upon the completion of every job, drivers were required to gain customer signatures on paper. On their return to the office, the paperwork was collected and the data manually entered into their computer system with customer signatures being stored as hard copies. This method was prone to human error, mislaid paperwork and was inefficient and labour intensive.

Route planning was manual and any changes made would require new route cards to be printed. The method of data entry also created a delay between a customer visit being completed and the notes appearing on the system which resulted in a constant administrative backlog.


Recognising the inefficiencies of their system, and the issues created by errors, Lindström were keen to digitalise their processes in order to streamline their operations and so took to internet searches to find a solution.

After discovering Alternative Logic through online searches, the team were invited to present the solution to Lindström.


Alternative Logic was selected as Lindström’s workforce management solution due to the level of customisation available and the ability to match the product to their specific needs, including:

  • The simplicity of route planning and the ability to make route changes at short notice
  • Digital data collection and storage, including signatures
  • The speed at which job completion data was available
  • The ability to change drivers’ jobs and priorities
  • Real-time oversight of drivers’ performance and job status
  • The ability to manage consignment stock and order fulfilment
  • Integration with Hexnode for easy mobile device management
  • Integration with Trimble’s CoPilot Truck Sat Nav solution


The Alternative Logic solution has completely digitalised the manual and paper-based processes Lindström were previously using to manage their workforce and the Management Team now have full oversight of company performance through the use of dashboards, wallboards and the online portal.

The end result is smoother planning and execution of daily jobs, including the ability to easily move drivers between customers when required. The digital nature of their operations now means the company can access live data on performance, allowing the customer service team to deal with issues in real-time which has significantly improved the level of service that Lindström can now offer to their customers.

Overall, Lindström have achieved increased efficiency across all departments, saving valuable time and resources, including 0.5FTE simply by removing the need for route books which previously required manual data entry once returned to the office. Savings have also been achieved in other areas, such as expensive route cards and associated route printing which is no longer required.

The product is very easy to use and almost infinitely customisable. The support from the whole Alt Logic team has always been fantastic.”

Amy Tubb, Lindström

reporting and analytics

analyse data via integrated reporting and utilise dashboards and wallboards for live performance status.

case management

record and track full customer journeys including complaints, issues and enquiries.