ABCA Systems


ABCA Systems Ltd (ABCA) is a Sky installations partner who was provided with access to Alternative Logic as part of their contract to service Sky customers.  


As a Sky installation partner, ABCA adopted Alternative Logic’s platform with specific customisations of OfficeLogic and FieldLogic for Sky business partners across the UK and Ireland.

Functions include job delivery and completion / updates via IBM WebSphere / MQ,  job  and jeopardy management, allocation and routing functions,  job completion,  stock control and reporting and analytics.

Due to the high value and volume of stock movements Alternative Logic’s stock module is vital to provide a real-time overview of the stock position, including:

  • Advanced Shipping Notices for goods transported via Unipart and delivered to the ABCA warehouse
  • Goods In – Books in stock items and reconcile with ASN.
  • Goods Out – Allocates stock to engineers as van stock.
  • Credit Notes – Books unused stock back into the main warehouse.
  • Stock Consumption – Allows engineers to allocate stock at a customer level.
  • Stock Level Reports – A range of reports which are used to report on all stock transactions.

Prior to implementation, Alternative Logic provided best practice workflow and process guidance to ABCA which assisted them to streamline and improve their in-house procedures.


Alternative Logic is used to receive and allocate jobs, plan routes and report on job status, enabling ABCA to be compliant with all contractual obligations as an installation partner. The system automatically reports essential KPIs and automatically provides this information to Sky, significantly reducing the administrative and reporting burden for both companies including:

  • Completion rates
  • Engineer productivity
  • First time resolution (right on the day)
  • Stock consumption
  • Stock loss

“The intuitive nature of the solution lead to quick and easy adoption by ABCA employees and ABCA have seen productivity increase significantly as a result.”

Chris Scott, Operations Director, ABCA

reporting and analytics

analyse data via integrated reporting and utilise dashboards and wallboards for live performance status.

case management

record and track full customer journeys including complaints, issues and enquiries.