The back-office software which integrates seamlessly with FieldLogic, the mobile workforce management solution.

Officelogic is a fully scalable solution that integrates seamlessly with our remote workforce platform, FieldLogic. It digitises paper-based processes, reducing the administrative burden on field and office-based staff, improving efficiency and reducing errors.

Officelogic offers a wide range of tools that provides an accurate, secure information portal consisting of current and historic information about your business. It provides a single interface through which your office-based staff can:

Manage your mobile workforce

Track stock and assets

Plan and optimise routes

Access detailed reports and analytics

Create workflows

Manage cases and support tickets

Mobile workforce management

Officelogic allows you to manage and track every aspect of your remote workforce efficiently. Providing data capture in real-time, the flexible and scalable platforms effectively help streamline your working processes, incorporating considerable time and cost savings.

Stock and asset tracking

the fully configurable stock and asset tracking functionality allows users to track goods and consignments in and out, providing real-time oversight of stock locations and consumption along with a time-stamped audit trail of stock movements.

Route planning and optimisation

our route planning and optimisation modules are flexible and fully customisable. Whether you plan single tasks or group them, our scheduling tools can help you to plan the most efficient routes and ensure compliance with kpi’s and sla’s.

Reporting and analytics

Officelogic allows users to create dashboards and reports using real-time data and the drill-down functionality provides easy access to detailed information. wallboards in your office offer a real-time snapshot of performance.

Workflow automation and integration

Officelogic has been built to enable the creation of bespoke workflows for our customers and allows multiple variants of workflows to be created using a visual, drag-and-drop process.

Case management

The case management module allows users to open, update, and close support tickets so that you can easily manage issues and ensure your customers and workforce are serviced and supported to the best of your team’s ability.

reporting and analytics

analyse data via integrated reporting and utilise dashboards and wallboards for live performance status.

case management

record and track full customer journeys including complaints, issues and enquiries.