Sophisticated yet intuitive software created to simplify even the most complex business

Alternative Logic was created to automate complex and varied workflows and to ensure they are followed to the exact requirements of your individual customers. With both role-based and contract-based permissions, daily routes are delivered with ease so your team can focus on providing the best service to your customers.


Workforce Management & Planning

  • Effortlessly manage your field-based workforce
  • Gain full visibility of drivers and their consignments
  • Generate the most time and cost-efficient routes
  • Host instructional videos, images and pdfs for easy access by your field force

Stock Management

  • Lite warehousing system
  • Track goods and consignments in and out of vehicles
  • Job completion workflow permits stock item consumption for real-time stock levels
  • Consignment quantities can be digitally signed for at point of delivery

Push notifications & messaging

  • Send push notifications to clients
  • 1 way messaging function permits driver messaging and updates
  • Send workforce-wide or individual driver messages

Case Management

  • Record and manage complaints
  • Highlight service issues 
  • Submit enquiries

Role-Based and Contract-Based Permissions

  • Role-based permissions ensure sensitive data is protected
  • Contract-based permissions prevent contract data from being accessed

Route Planning

  • Optimise routes with Trimble maps
  • Track costs by journey
  • Trip Builder manages contract time constraints and consignment capacity
  • Visual planning tools simplify route-changing decisions

Reporting & Analytics

  • Standard suite of reports available
  • Bespoke reports can be created based on a client’s unique requirements
  • Dashboards provide interactive performance figures
  • Wallboards provide a snapshot of current performance on a large screen