The new Zebra ZS300 Electronic Sensor is revolutionising supply chain intelligence, delivering a higher level of precision, integrity, and real-time information. This cutting-edge solution provides continuous, accurate temperature and location exposure data, empowering Alternative Logic customers to swiftly identify and address any temperature excursions during an item’s journey, ensuring quality and integrity are maintained throughout.


Advanced Technology – Featuring Bluetooth Low Energy v5.2 Connectivity for seamless communication.

Robust Security – Data is continually authenticated and encrypted, ensuring confidentiality and integrity.

Environmentally Friendly – The ZS300 is designed with reusable and recyclable sensors, boasting an impressive 12-month battery life span.

Tough and High Performing – With an IP67 rating, this sensor is rugged and reliable, suitable for challenging environments.

Flexible Options – Available in standard or calibrated versions to meet diverse needs.

Alternative Logic Integration:

With Alternative Logic integration, the Zebra ZS300 enhances asset tracking and cold chain management for temperature-sensitive items. By accessing real-time data, users can easily monitor compliance with client requirements, ensuring quality throughout.

For those seeking to witness the power of Alternative Logic’s ZS300 integration first hand, our expert team is ready to showcase how this technology can elevate your business, meeting and exceeding your clients’ temperature-critical demands. Book a demo and experience the future of supply chain intelligence with Zebra ZS300 and Alternative Logic today.

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