The new Zebra ZS300 Electronic Sensor provides accurate temperature and location exposure data continuously in real time and enables alternative logic customers to identify any temperature excursions throughout an item’s journey and take quick action to maintain its quality.


  • Advanced Technology – Bluetooth v5.2
  • Secure – Data is continually authenticated and encrypted
  • Environmentally Friendly – Reusable and recyclable sensors with a 12-month battery life
  • Tough – IP67 rating
  • Available in standard or a calibrated version

Alternative Logic integration:

Keep track of your temperature-sensitive assets and maintain their integrity with alternative logic’s Zebra ZS300 integration. View real-time data to ensure you remain compliant with your client’s requirements.

For a live demo of how alternative logic’s ZS300 integration can support your business to meet your clients’ temperature-critical requirements, book a demo with our expert team.

ZS300 temperature monitoring
ZS300 temperature reading
zs300 temperature history